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Fennel ( Foeniculum vulgare Miller.)

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We offer Indian Fennel varietie/species called Fair Average Quality ( FAQ) & Premium Quality. We offer Light Green to Dark Green Fennel Seeds. We offer Machine Clean Fennel Seeds as well as Sortex Clean Fennel Seeds. We offer Normal, Bold, Extra Bold Fennel Seeds.


Our Fennel is strictly of Indian Origin. We do not export any Fennel that is not of Indian Origin. We make sure that Fennel we offer is harvested out of the latest main crop falling generally around Feb to Mar each year. We deliver Fennel according to your desired specification of Color, Purity (%) & Moisture (%).
However we further make sure that Color, Taste, Flavor, Aroma, Shape, & Size adheres to the Fennel variety you buy from us.
Our Fennel is clean, free from foreign matter, offers sound condition free from mould, insect damage, contamination, & infestation. Our Cumin is free from any extraneous coloring matter, or any other sort of adulteration & substitution. We gaurantee & certify microbials & residues & afflatoxins for our Fennel to be within prescribed limits as per the your country's regulations. Product Specification Sheet, Certificate of Analysis By SGS ( &/or Others ) can certainly be submitted for your evaluation. We further arrange Pre Shipment Inspections BY SGS ( &/or Others ) if needed by you.


Bulk Packing : Bags ( Jute / PP ) : 25 kg to 50 Kg ( or as needed )
Retail Packing : NimSimâ„¢ Fennel : Small Carton / Bottles / Sachets :: 50g upto 500g
Private Label : Offered.
Stuffing Per 20 FT Container : Whole Fennel : Bulk Packing :18 MT to 22 MT
Stuffing Per 20 FT Container : Whole Fennel : Retail Packing : Depends on Paking

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