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Senna | Cassia Angustifolia

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We offer Indian Senna. It is also known worldwide as tinnevelly senna. Botanically, senna is called as Cassia Angustifolia. This constitutes its genus & species.  Indian Senna is primarily cultivated in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and South India. Senna has primarily medicinal & ayurvedic value. Some benefits of senna leaf include senna as strong laxative, for constipation, for senna tea, senna cosmetics and many more.   

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We follows a Strict Herbs Quality Control Standardization policy and therefore offers standardized senna free from any adulteration, impurities and full of sennocide strength. Its standards are covered by Ayurvedic Pharmacopia of India (API). Further it meets the standards of BSP and USP. Soil, climate, irrigation, harvesting, & post-harvest carriage, handling storage & processing; we takes full care throughout the cultivation process. 





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Stuffing Per 20 FT / 40 FT Container: 13 MTS / 26 MTS 



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