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Tests & Certificates 

At N & S Natural Products (P) LTD, all our products are tested and certified.

BUT ....

Why product's Tests & Certificates are required?
What kind of Testing, Certification we do for our products?
How can we offer a specific test you need?

Why product's Tests & Certificates are required ?

Laying down quality parameters is one thing and ensuring them being acheived is other. To ensure that the said standards for our products has been acheieved, we conduct either in house tests or get them tested by a testing body such as a Laboratory or certifying agency. We consider it simply MUST to ensure product's purity, identity, strength, and efficacy. We deliver what is promised through such tests & certificates.

What kind of Tests & Certificates we offer?

Some of the broad areas falling within this purview are as follows.

Identification Tests
Physicochemical Analysis
Phytochemical Analysis
Microbial Analysis
Residual Analysis

How can we offer offer A Specific Test You Need?

If you have some specific test in your consideration , you can simply tell us; and we will assist you specifically. Alternately, if you prefer you can always ask for a 100% free trial sample and test it at your end.